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Reverse Gossip

Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 12:06 AM
Reverse gossip is an idea that the Bible study I attend and I want to put into practice more.

We recently finished reading through a Bible study book called, "Speaking Wisely: Exploring the Power of Words" by Poppy Smith. One of the subjects she covered was gossip. We had a great discussion on how to handle it using actual examples supplied by attendees.

It's shameful to confess, but even I have gossiped before. I did today and regret it. When I had the chance to lift someone up, I took the chance to tear them down and make them look bad. That was wrong of me. Although what the person did was wrong, I could have turned the situation away from their faults and complimented their strengths. Hence the idea of reverse gossip or encouragement.

I've been gossiped about at a previous job, and unintentionally overheard it. It wasn't about me so much as it was about my work performance and the lack of productivity due to my inexperience. It was very painful to hear and I went home and sobbed in discouragement to my parents.

No one wants to be gossiped about and no one wants to be known as a gossiper. So why do it? Because we like to be entertained. Negative things happening to another person entertaining to us for some twisted reason.

So my challenge to you (and myself), my kind readers, is to practice reverse gossip this week. Keep at it until it because a habit. Look at the person from different angles, put yourself in their shoes, empathize with them. You'd be surprised how differently you look at things when you give them the benefit of the doubt. ;)


Once Upon a Comfort Fortress...

Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 11:19 PM
I will admit: I am a coward. I'm scared of new places, new people, new sounds, and new environments. I'm scared of change because that happens to be outside the comfortable and familiar walls of my comfort fortress.

Sometimes when Change come visits with Opportunity, I fear them. I feel rather rude and ungrateful about it. Here I am getting along quite well in my lovely castle, not really moving forward nor backward, and God sends me these two fine visitors whom I sometimes dread and turn away. Is that a way for me to greet what the Lord has sent me? Two visitors who will help grow me in His ways and build my character? The honest answer, is no. Yet here I sit worrying about it.

Change and Opportunity came by recently and soon I will embark on a quest with my brother and grandpa. I'm scared that my anxiety will flare up or that something will go wrong while we're away--cut off from all access to what I am familiar with. Yet many people have sent me a couple more travel buddies--Prayer and Encouragement. Although I'm still wary, it feels good to have those two walk across my draw-bridge and into the unknown with me as well as the Lord and my family. :)

My prayer is that I will put my trust in God, so that I may be at ease and enjoy the trip to its fullest.

Psalm 56:3, "Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You."

Psalm 73:26, "My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

I just looked those up in my Bible and fine those verses very encouraging to me right now. ^^



Proverbs 16:9

"In his heart man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."