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A Dream and A Cough

Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 10:34 PM
I'm so sorry for my absence!

God has presented me with some recent trials and great blessings lately.

Let's cover the trials first, shall we? I'd rather end on a happy note. ;)

In the beginning of October, I suddenly came down with a cough. I thought it was just a cold, which then we thought was Bronchitis or Walking Pneumonia. The cough was getting worse and sleepless nights became the norm. Then left rib began to shoot with pain every time I coughed. My parents suggested I visit the doctor. At the walk-in clinic, I was told that is was most likely Bronchitis, and I was prescribed a z-pack of Azithromycin. 

A day or two after beginning the medication I began having coughing fits that made it difficult to breathe; it was frightening and uncomfortable, but I just dealt with it. I finished the medication last Friday (a week ago now) and this past Tuesday I was driving home when I had my worst coughing fit. I was unable to get air into my lungs at all and it felt like I was going to throw up although I did not feel nauseas. (Keep in mind, vomiting is my greatest fear). Unsure of whether to pull over and puke or keep going, I just kept driving. 

I had the nagging feeling that not breathing during a coughing attack was not part of Bronchitis. I hopped online and typed in my symptoms. In the end, I self-diagnosed myself with Pertussis also known as Whooping Cough; an illness I had been vaccinated against as a child. At that point, I was past contagious and had already "killed" the bacteria with the medication. All sites I visited said all I could do was wait it out. There's no medication you can take to "cure" whooping cough, so waiting is what I shall do.

I've also had a lot of recent car trouble like getting my first flat tire (on a Friday) and driving to work and having my front tire fly off (on a Friday) and this Friday it appears that one of my spark plugs isn't happy. Fridays and my car don't get along. Poor thing...but hey! It's got 183,880+  miles on it now, so it's just getting good. ;)

This whole time, I've had so much praise for God. I've been able to look past the uncomfortable fits and the likely broken rib, and admire so many simple yet wonderful things; for example, the sunrise on the way to work. I feel like God is really working in my life despite these minor obstacles.

Onto the good news!

Something I made on while in a praise-y mood. :)
College is going well, but it certainly takes a lot of energy to keep up good grades. :P I even made my first friend outside of the people I knew before attending!

Also, I'm slowly learning how to speak Korean. :D I've been listening to the Pimsleur program on my 35 minute daily commute. It'll be more helpful to memorize the alphabet, which I'd like to work on this weekend... I also joined a multi-lanuage exchange social networking site called Lang-8. It's so awesome and I highly recommend it if you're trying to learn a second language. You can Skype with native speakers, edit their English writing skills, and in turn they will edit your written [insert language]. It's super cool. B) 

I've also started budgeting for my trip to Asia. My friend and I are open to going over there with a mission trip. We've got a couple years, so there's plenty of time get ideas. I'm so fueled by this! I don't know what God has for me over there, but I'm sure it'll be amazing.

Before I go, I want to mention that my blog has 1,500 page views now. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your guys' interest in my blog!

Have a wonderful night!




Proverbs 16:9

"In his heart man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."