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Dead as a Doornail

Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 1:30 PM
Oh my goodness! I had such a huge God moment yesterday! Let me explain:

I drive a black 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier with 174,000+ miles on it. I have a lot of affection for it having bought it as my first and only car at $300 as a fixer-upper. And let me tell you, it was a piece of work, but I loved it all the same.

It's been two years since my dad and brother fixed it up and I've haven't had any problems with it besides the recently replaced exhaust least until yesterday.

After work, I drove to Subway for supper. I paid for my meal and planned to eat in my car before heading to the library and Bible Study. I dove right into my chips and turned the key in the ignition for some heat. My radio flashed on and my dash lights blinked to life, but my engine was silent. After several failed attempts my car's engine refused to turn over. It was dead as a doornail. Sad day.

I whipped out my cell phone and first called my mom. No answer at home or on her cell phone. Next best idea: call my little brother who knows auto mechanics. Straight to the answering machine. Aw, bummer. And here I had hoped Nate could talk me through the problem while I popped the hood on my car. That was a no go. Hoping he was still at the office I worked at, I called my co-worker, Tom. Thankfully he answered, and I explained my problem to him. His initial thought was maybe the battery had died, but because all my lights were coming on that scratched that idea. Being unable to help me otherwise he wished me luck and I went back to munching my chips pitifully. It was forty-some degrees outside and had been raining steadily all day. Hoping to warm up my little car I turned the key to at least get the car heater working...or not. It only blew cool air because the engine was cold. I mentally slapped my forehead. 

In a last ditch effort I called my dad whom I thought was still out of state. Again, I hoped he could council me through it. After too many phone rings, he picked up and I breathed a sigh of relief saying, "Thank goodness you picked up!" "What's the problem?" he asked. Again I explained what had happened. After I got off the phone, I started texting Tom to let him know I was okay when he called to check up on me. I told him I was able to get ahold of my dad and that he was going to take care of things. If I hadn't been able to find help, Tom kindly said he would have offered to drop me off somewhere. Oh how the Lord blesses me with wonderful people in my life!

God was really looking out for me, because my dad had actually arrived home the day before. (I slept at a friend's house that night so I missed his homecoming.) He and my mom were just coming back from dropping a trailer off at my uncle's fiancee, Marlene's, house twenty minutes out of the city I was stranded in. They happened to be passing my area when they picked up the phone and were able to swing by Subway within minutes. Dad checked under the hood while I held an umbrella to protect him from the chilly rain. Whatever we tried didn't work--including a jump.

Dad decided it would be best to go back to my aunt-to-be's house and pick the trailer up again and load my car onto it taking it back to our home forty-five minutes south of the city. I let the Subway employees know we'd be back for the car and I piled into the Suburban with my dad and mom. On our way to get the trailer Mom explained God really was looking out for me. They were actually leaving Marlene's house when she called letting them know she was there and wanted to catch up. They turned around and talked for another half hour before heading in my direction. If Marlene hadn't talked to them for that half hour my parents would have almost been back home. Oh my word, such a close call there!

When we got the trailer I hopped in my car to steer while my incredible father pushed the car from behind onto the trailer. I watched my dad's technique for future reference as he tied it onto the trailer with straps tied with double and triple half-hitches. Once it was secure we gratefully got into the warm Suburban and headed home.

Although I didn't go to the library or Bible study, I felt like I experienced God's protection and love in a way I haven't ever experienced before. It was incredible. :')

Dad looked at my car today and the problem stemmed from the starter. It'll be fixed today so I can still drive to work on Monday! Praise God!

So that's my story for today. ^^ Keep an eye out for the blessings in disguise God sends your way!




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