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I Feel Nothing

Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 5:54 PM
Lately I've felt that my faith is stale. Why? Because I feel nothing. Which makes me feel guilty for not feeling anything at all. Then I feel even worse because I've been working two jobs, seven days a week and haven't had time to feed my faith. But recently I realized, "Our relationship with God isn't supposed to be about 'feeling Him' or His presence, but just knowing and believing in the Lord."

There are going to be times in our lives where we don't "feel" the Spirit in our heart, and that's okay. If you do feel Him, enjoy it, but don't base your relationship on emotions. An example:

Say you have to move to another state away from all the friends you've grown close to for the past several years. Suddenly, you are caught up in all the whirlwind of moving, the torrent of emotions you experience with change, acclimating to a new house and neighborhood, and making new friends, but does that mean you don't love your old friends? No! Does that mean they no longer care for you either? Of course not! 

Even though distance separates you from your old friends, you still have that mutual bond of love and friendship that time and space cannot sever. I got to thinking, there are certain friends of mine who only live 40-60 minutes away from me, but I see them maybe a few times a year because life happens. When I do see them, we can slip back into our old shoe like time had not passed since our last meeting, and we loved each other the same. 

It's the same with our relationship with God. 

One of the ways I try to feed my faith when I feel it is stale, is by reading a Bible study. Sometimes reading the Bible can be too in depth for me at times, so a Bible study can be refreshing to take in. Then I can take bigger bites and head back into the Word.

Right now, I found peace in realizing what I mentioned above, and know that just because I'm not feeding my faith doesn't mean I'm altogether ignoring the Lord. I still claim Him as my Lord and Savior and talk to Him with my brief quiet moments and I know He's listening.

So be encouraged and stay faithful!




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