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God Moments

Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 1:09 PM
Have you ever had one of those moments where God suddenly seems so apparently in your life that you can only stand there in shock and joy? I have. They are precious moments to me, but many times I have let them slip past me where I don't even recognize them. Other times it's like a bucket of water is dumped on my unsuspecting head. Here's one I'll share that I experienced a couple weeks ago.
I walked into the grocery store with a mission: to gather cheesecake ingredients. I picked my way down the isle loading things into my arms, having forgotten to bring my own bag. I assumed my tower of supplies was stable enough when I loaded some chips for a potluck atop of the cheesecake supplies. Much to my dismay, the bag of chips was too much and a small tub of sour cream fell to the unforgiving linoleum floor. The pressure inside the tub couldn't take the fall and the plastic seal beneath the top popped open and released a dollop of sour cream into the isle. Unfortunately, I had nothing in my purse to clean it up with.

Just as this dairy episode occurred, a Mexican woman and her two young sons came through the sliding doors where I was at. The woman said something in Spanish to her children who then walked up to me as asked, "Is there anything we can help you with?" I felt elated at the assistance that was being offered to me.

I replied, "Yeah, if you guys could stand here and make sure no one steps in that blob of sour cream, I'm going to let someone know it needs to be cleaned up."

"Okay!" The older boy stood beside it warning people it was there while his younger brother hugged the over-sized stuffed animal.

I let the cashier know it was there, and she assured me it would be taken care of when she had time. At the moment she was checking out items for a customer. I wandered back the the two boys and set my purse down. I began rifling through it to see if maybe I had a scrap of paper I could scoop the blob up with. The boys' mother turned and asked, "You need wipes? I carry wipes, here I give one to you."

I gratefully took the wipe and cleaned up the floor. I let the cashier know I took care of it and threw away the wipe. When I came back to grab my groceries I had left on the floor, the boys asked, "Is there anything else we can help you with?"

"No, I'm fine now, thank you very much! You guys have been a great help." I smiled at them.

"Okay, see you later then!" responded the older boy as he walked after his mom.

The younger boy began to follow his older brother when he turned, arms wrapped aorund his stuffed animal and said, "Have a good day!" Then he turned and chased after his brother.

I was so touched I could only praise God. The random act of kindness I received that day filled me joy and brightened my mood.
So the next time you debate whether to the help the girl carrying too many books or smile at the dour-looking old man, just do something! It can mean a whole lot to that person even if they don't acknowledge it! Let your love for God show through your actions. :)




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