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Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 11:45 PM
Tonight, after a summer youth group I attended we closed in prayer like usual. Someone led the prayer and then left it open for other to jump in. At some point I took the opportunity to pray aloud as well.

I used friendship as the body of my prayer. As I prayed, I realized how incredibly blessed I am to be supported not only by God and my family, but by my friends both in real life and on the forums I am a member of. I'm multi-supported! :D

I was realizing how much my friends meant to me this past weekend because I was having a terrible past four days. >_< I felt so incredibly loved and cared for when my friends came to my rescue. For me, I feel that friends are God's physical form of love. Or at least one of His many forms of love. :)

If you have friends, realize just how important they are to you. Don't take them for grant. (Many of us do and have done it.) If you don't have many/any friends, don't be depressed. Go out there and reach out to people! Friendship is one of the most beautiful things God created and it all starts with a conversation. 

I'm learning that myself. It's out of my comfort zone to reach out to people I barely know, but I'm not getting anywhere waiting for them to come to me. I just made a new friend yesterday, because I took initiative and reached out to her and she was thankful.

So get out there tell your friends how much you love 'um!

God bless you all and all your friends!



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