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God Time

Published by Twyla E. Brooks under on 11:27 PM
There are times in your life where you're going to feel God pulling at your spirit to speak to Him, and you won't be able to help but oblige that call.

I had one of those times earlier this week. Don't cringe, but it had to do with a guy. ;)

This summer I became very close to a guy I've known for the past 5 years but never had more than a summer friendship with him because of our job. It wasn't until the end of the summer that we realized we liked each other more than just a friend. There were some issues were didn't agree upon, so we were hesitant to consider a relationship. Yet over a few days, I had become overwhelmingly infatuated that I almost felt sick. I had so many butterflies in my stomach! I became very heavily distracted and felt like I had been thrown into a sea without a PFD (because lifejackets don't always save your life.) ;)

At some point in my emotion overload, I felt compelled to spill out my heart God, whom I hadn't sat down and spoken to personally since the beginning of the summer. I sat on the back porch of my grandparents cabin and prayed softly aloud about what my heart was struggling with, the questions I had, whether I was making good or bad decisions, and what I should do.

Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God." And that's just what I did. After my prayer I sat at the picnic table and stilled my mind so I could feel Him around me. I took in the nature around me and marveled at how much energy was put into His creation. How often I take it all for granted! I was renewed with wonder and curiosity for what He had created and surrounded me with. It was a refreshing feeling.

When I went back inside the cabin, I felt much more at peace. The over-boiling emotions went down to a manageable simmer, and I found I enjoyed my day-no, my week, more. :)
Don't hesitate or push aside the feeling of God tugging at your heart. He wants a relationship with you. In order to do that, you can't ignore Him and go to Him when it's convenient for you because you might miss what He has to say back to you.

It's a rewarding experience and it doesn't take much time out of your day. For me, that meant half and hour with Him to improve my entire week.

May God bless you and your conversations with Him!



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Proverbs 16:9

"In his heart man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."